About Yes 4 JCPS

When you vote this fall, make sure to vote YES for JCPS.

Louisville voters will decide whether to approve a 7-cent increase in the property tax rate – an extra $70 a year or 20 cents a day for every $100,000 of real estate value.

Voting YES on the ballot initiative will raise $54 million which will allow JCPS to improve resources for all students, especially those who have not gotten a fair share.

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What we believe:

  • ALL students should have access to quality education.
  • Quality education is important for workforce development and economic growth.
  • Voting Yes 4 JCPS means more instruction and support for the students who need it most.
  • New technology will help kids get a better education.

What is the plan for these funds?

JCPS’ ambitious plan to improve student outcomes is called the JCPS Future State. It’s a five-year initiative designed to:

  • reduce the achievement gap by 50%
  • raise the proficiency level in reading from 44% to 75%
  • raise the proficiency level in math from 35% to 70%.

This initiative represents the first time that a plan of its scope and magnitude will have specific year-over-year funding to effect the changes envisioned. It also includes built-in annual accountability measures to ensure that the investments are paying off.