The Jefferson County School Board passed a resolution in September 2020 pledging to invest the $54 million in the following four dedicated areas:

  • Improving resources for students and schools with the highest needs — at least $15 million

Providing extra services to students who need them most, developing the highest quality educators, providing incentives to attract and retain the best teachers.

  • Addressing racial equity — at least $12 million

Addressing the achievement gap, bridging the digital divide, providing resources regardless of geographical location, expanding opportunities for Black teachers and teachers of color, and providing a nearby option for school for all families.

  • Increasing student instructional time — at least $12 million

Summer learning programs for 10,000 students, offering new experiences beyond the classroom, assuring that every student has a computer or laptop

  • Building and/or renovating schools for safety and engagement — at least $15 million

Build two new middle schools and one new high school, renovate schools with end-of-life systems and modernize athletic facilities. More than 30 JCPS schools have crucial systems (roofs, HVAC) at the end of functional life; without intervention, entire schools may be forced to close when those systems fail.